SLCC OneCard Consent Form Campus Card Office

Refund Information

As a student you have three options available for you to receive your SLCC refunds (Financial Aid etc). If you choose to have your refund placed onto your Mastercard/Money Network enabled OneCard you will only need to make this choice once. If you would like to change your refund preference to one of the other options, you will need to login again at that time and opt out. It is recommended that you choose your preference before the next semester starts.

OPTION 1: SLCC Mastercard/Money Network OneCard
(If you choose option 1 you cannot choose to have direct deposit as well.)

SLCC OneCard/Mastercard Debit Card - The recommended and quickest method to receive your refund.

  • Receive your refund quicker than direct deposit or by mail
  • The account gives you "free and clear" access to your funds by using AllPoint ATMs, checks or the card anywhere Mastercard debit cards are accepted
  • Funds are FDIC insured
  • This account is not a credit card. It is a prepaid card.
  • Account can be reloaded by the school, you or your parent
  • Check balances free at
If you would like option 1 please continue on to the consent form by logging in below.

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OPTION 2: Direct Deposit

Refund is directly deposited into your financial institution's account. You can input your account information on the SLCCPay+ Portal.

OPTION 3: Check by Mail

Receive a paper check from SLCC through the U.S. mail to the current mailing address. This will be the default option if you do not choose one of the preceding choices. May take up to two weeks to receive your refund if you choose this check option.